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Review: Luponic Distortion IPA Series no. 13

Promises, Promises…

We at The Hoppy Ending HQ love a good juice bomb of an IPA. Particularly when it is achieved through hops alone. I ain’t complaining about some added fruity business. In fact, I wholeheartedly implore more brewers to add something delicious to a frothy delight.

That said, if you can achieve juiciness through a geansaí load of hops, colour me impressed.

Promises, Promises…

When I saw Luponic Distortion, Firestone Walker Brewing’s latest offering, I was intrigued. They had promised hints of piña colada, key lime and nectarine in a neat little 5.9% IPA. I’ve been promised things before on a neatly packaged 330ml can which ended up resembling lightly fizzy rust water so I was sceptical but what have you got to lose? If it’s a bad beer, it’s still beer. 

Cracking the Luponic Distortion

Upon cracking the can and giving it a pour, it’s golden with not much head. First on the nose is a nice IPA and there are definitely hints of lime and the sweetness of nectarine so I’m getting excited for this bad boi.

Giz a sip so.

Nice IPA flavour and the first whack is nectarine and an undercurrent of lime which is flipped on the nose. There’s a definite creamy sort of flavour resembling Piña Colada. Oochie Wawie… this is a good un.

I think I’ll have another… or maybe I’ll try something else… the world is our beer oyster, “lock in” or not.

Food Pairing

Your favourite takeaway burrito or make a spicy quesadilla with guac. Heck, maybe we’ll throw a recipe up in the next few days for that.

Where to Buy

Luponic Distortion IPA Series no. 13

BreweryFirestone Walker
Where?Craft Central
How much?€3.29
Special offer?4 for €10
Vessel355ml can
Delivery Fee?€5


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